It’s important to remember that your attitude and perspective towards whatever you are facing in life has a huge influence on how effectively you can deal with it.

For example, if you develop an attitude that says: “I am grateful for my existence, and I will give my very best every day to ensure I make the most of it, and to try and fulfil at least part of my potential”, then the chances are you’re going to do very well in life. If you can genuinely train this attitude, to the point where it is consistent and habitual, then hold on tight, because life is going to be quite the ride.

On the flip side, if you have an attitude that says: “life is pointless and unfair, so I’m going to sit here and do as little as possible just to protest how pointless and unfair it all is”, then the results you get in life will reflect that too. This is called nihilism, and it’s a very destructive and lazy attitude. I’m sure you can imagine where it leads if you allow it to continue.

Another example of the almost unlimited power of attitude below, is taken from my book BUILDING WARRIORS in the chapter ATTITUDE – WEEK 1. This passage is designed to teach students that the results you get in life are a mirror of your attitude. It can be found on page 22 of the book, and it succinctly details my attitude towards my own students.



When I come to class as your instructor, I have the attitude of: “I am going to give this class my best, I don’t care how I’m feeling or how tired I am, or whatever is happening in my life outside of my Academy, these students deserve the very best I’ve got to give, and that’s what they’re going to get”. This is my attitude every single class regardless of how I’m feeling…. (Continued in BUILDING WARRIORS).

Additional: This attitude is now ingrained into my psyche to such a degree, that I cannot give anything other than my absolute best to my students; doing anything less would feel completely alien to me.

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