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Building Warriors by Graham Wardle

A powerful and passionate look at the perils and pitfalls of the modern world, and the mental skills and strengths required to navigate it successfully

In a society that is increasingly demanding and potentially treacherous for young minds, the development of a strong mentality and the ability to manage one’s perspective has never been more important. In Building Warriors Graham Wardle walks us the through the mental and philosophical training he has developed over his career as a martial arts instructor, to help his young students develop the psychological skills necessary not just to survive, but to thrive in a fast-paced and unforgiving world. As any adult knows, you never know what’s around the corner; but equipped with the empowering perspectives and mental skills described in this book, you can develop the robust mentality necessary to navigate the unpredictable ups and downs of adulthood and create an enjoyable and exciting life of purpose and fulfilment.

Building Warriors is structured as a series of monthly life development skills, broken down into weekly examples, analysis and practical application, which allows teachers and instructors of all kinds to adopt this training for their own students. But anyone, young or old, can read and learn valuable lessons from this book, and its ingenious format allows each reader to make his or her own choice as to whether to follow the monthly structure, or simply develop their skills as they see fit, using the book as a guide.

Building Warriors is packed with life-changing information that will benefit anyone who reads it, whether they be young or old, instructor, teacher, parent, or adolescent. Graham has been an obsessively passionate student of both self-development and philosophy for most of his adult life, and has developed an unquenchable hunger to pass that knowledge on to both his students and anyone who wishes to listen. Graham’s students and their parents have already seen the remarkable effect the skills he teaches can have: this book is your opportunity to develop the same powerful mentality.

Graham’s understanding of life skills and how they fit into
everyday life is second to none