THE POWER OF ATTITUDE: It’s important to remember that your attitude and perspective towards whatever you are facing in life has a huge influence on how effectively you can deal with it. For example, if you develop an attitude that says: “I am grateful for my existence, and I will give my very best every day to ensure…

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The pleasure of tuning out the negative:

The pleasure of tuning out the negative: A blog by Graham Wardle.   I’ve just read the words above in a book on Stoicism, and subsequently had a brief but interesting conversation with a friend. Being able to tune out the negative voice in your mind when necessary is, in no uncertain terms, a worthwhile ability to develop….

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Mental strength: Be strong, be kind, never give up

An important subject to cover when you are battling with the everyday struggles of life When you are struggling, or you have issues that you’re dealing with, that can feel overwhelming, and even induce feelings of hopelessness, it can be easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you’re some kind of loser, or weakling, or freak….

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