A great handbook to building character, integrity and vision in the modern world

A fascinating journey through what it takes to build the sort of mindset that can cope with disappointment, learn from failure and build on success, Building Warriors is bursting at the seams with things you thought you’d heard before, but were never really convinced by. Here, set out clearly and precisely, it all makes sense. Forget your buzzwords and your inspirational quotes; instead, Graham Wardle carefully explains the pitfalls of modern society and the negative mindsets that it can so easily breed, and sets out the best strategies to navigate a clear path through.

Critical themes such as commitment, self-control, integrity, respect and cooperation are dealt with honestly and realistically, and the end result is a book that’s invaluable not only for instructors and those responsible for the welfare of young people, but also for parents and those young people themselves.


"Essential reading for parents and children"

A great book and resource tool for instructors of all sports as well as a reference for families wanting to instil the best character traits in their children. Must buy!!

Peter Smith

"Does what it says on the tin"

Graham gives great insight and clarity on how to live a fully rewarding life, taking into account all the pitfalls and failures that life throws at you and how you can turn them into empowerment to thrive and succeed.

Jamie Deacon

"A guide to living a rewarding and fulfilling life"

A great book and very thoughtfully written. An explanation of the many life skills we all need to follow to create a better version of not just ourselves but the world around us. The author breaks down these essential skills in a clear and concise way. It's a great book for both adults, and to read to your children. The content is essentially a guide to living a rewarding and fulfilling life.


"It can change your life like it did mine"

I happen to have Graham as my martial arts teacher; and what an honour to read his fantastic book. I have a son who is autistic, and some of the lessons I've learned in this incredible book, I've been able to teach my son. I would highly recommend this book. It can change your life like it did mine. Thank you Graham Wardle for signing my book for me. I loved reading your book.

KIrsten Pfister

"the 'Holy Grail' manual for parenting"

Fantastic read. Not only for instructors and teachers. I think this is actually the "Holy Grail" manual for parenting. It is a must read for parents and children.

Craig Ridge


By Graham Wardle

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